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Traditions Passed Down at the Annual Bill Pinney Kids Fishing Derby

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Unadilla, NY -

The Masonville Rod and Gun Club hosted its annual kids fishing derby in Unadilla today, August 10th.

Youngsters learning all the tricks of the trade at the Annual Bill Pinney Kids Fishing Derby--from baiting...To casting..To reeling in the big ones...And finally, measuring their catches. 50 kids as young as one and as old as 14 participated in the competition.

"We have trophies set up: We have largest fish, the most fish, and the smallest fish," said John Cummings, former president of the Masonville Rod and Gun Club.

The sport teaches children about more than just winning.

"How to be patient, have a good attitude and be happy. Because you're outdoors, it's not like you're on your computer," said Guy Smith, the grandfather of a participant.

In this community, it's become a tradition to pass on the tradition of fishing.

"This event has been going on for ten years," said Cummings,

It wouldn't be as successful without the help of the Pinney Family.

"Our pond is one of five ponds that the kids go to," said Donna Pinney, derby organizer and pond owner.

Bill, Donna's husband, was an avid fisherman and quick to get involved with the derby to share the joys of fishing.

"So when my husband passed away the gun club decided to name it the Annual Bill Pinney Kids Fishing Derby. He'd be just so excited," said Pinney.

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