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City of Binghamton Residents Recycle Electronics For Free

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City of Binghamton residents lined up at the Department of Public Works Garage on Saturday to recycle their electronics for free.

Residents were allowed to bring five electronic items and have workers unload their cars, which were lined up from the garage all the way to the street. 

Many electronics cannot be collected curbside with garbage, as New York State requires residents to properly recycle electronic waste.

Televisions, computers, printers, stereos, microwaves, VCRs, and cell phones are all acceptable electronics that can be recycled. 

Deputy Commissioner of Public Works Mark Donovan says it is important to provide the service, especially for senior citizens and people who are unable to recycle large electronics on their own. 

"These electronics will be sitting around in people's homes for decades," said Donovan. 

Donovan says he hopes other municipalities will follow in suit. 

"I just think this is such a great thing for the city. It's such a wonderful thing for the environment, and it's free," said Donovan. 

If you missed the free electronics drop-off day on Saturday, there are also designated free days at the Broome County Landfill each month for Broome County residents. On non-collection days, it costs five dollars to drop off electronics. 

For more information about recycling electronics, City of Binghamton residents can call the Department of Public Works at (607) 772-7021.