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Crew Members Getting En Joie Prepped for Next Week's PGA Champions Tour

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With the Dick's Sporting Goods Open just a week away from teeing off, organizers are continuing preparations to make sure the course is in pristine condition for the Champions Tour.

Anthony Chapman, Golf Course Superintendent says, “Well the real prep starts when we start in the Spring, we make any improvements we need to for the tournament”.

Preparations like green speeds and getting the course to PGA standards.

“Normally during the year will cut the greens once a day but when the tour comes in we cut it 4 times a day-- twice in the morning and do a roll and same at night. Doing that for a week and a half straight gets the greens rolling nice and quick”, says Chapman.

And while last year the biggest challenge for crew members was the rain this year it was something a little different.

“Fighting disease and wet wilt on the greens was the biggest challenge for us this year", says Chapman. Chapman attributing this to what he says was 3 months of constant rain followed by a dry spell, and then rain here and there since.

Also the En Joie has added drainage systems to the course, which has saved ground crews a lot more time this year.

Chapman says, "Not having to go out there and having to squeegee or pump water off the course, having that has been great this year”.

But the greens aren't the only thing that goes into the two weeks of preparation says John Karedes.

"Really since we took over the course it's a combination of all the product coming in, the food from MaineSource soda, beer and making sure all the structures are being set up. To me I love this week, seeing the forklifts and trucks arriving here", says Karedes.

And don't forget about one of the fan favorites, the concert.

“We do have to literally transform a golf course into a concert venue and we've been doing it for 30 years. That's the biggest challenge for us it's not just a tournament we put on a high-end concert on a golf course”, says Karedes.