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Vestal Football Stadium Gets New Look

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The Vestal School District and their athletics department are putting final touches on their football field and track.

Thanks to a $34.7 million capital project approved in 2017, a new turf field has been laid down at Dick Hoover Stadium, along with a new eight lane track around the field.

This is the second time in the stadiums history that they have laid down artificial turf, and the first time since 2006. 

To some school officials, having the community and the students in mind was a key deciding factor in making the renovation possible.

"This is great for our students, our staff, and our community who is here." Said Assistant Superintendent, Clifford Kasson. " We have anywhere from our little league teams, our youth football teams, they use this field, and all of our sports teams. We have community members that walk the track and run the track. That's what we are, we're here for our community, and here for our students."

"Our philosophy here is to give the absolute best that we can to our students and our community, and this is just a symbol of that." Says VCSD Athletic Director Josh Gannon. "This will be a facility that people will come to for years."

The complete restoration of the field will be finished by September 1st.