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Michael Korchak Rejoins Broome DA Race On The Libertarian Party Line

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After coming up short in a tight Republican primary election, Michael Korchak is throwing his hat back into the race for Broome County District Attorney. Korchak, the current Chief Assistant District Attorney, has won the endorsement of the Libertarian party and will be running on that line in the November general election. 

Korchak supporters gathered on the Broome County courthouse steps on Wednesday as he made the announcement.

"I will continue to run my campaign based on experience and what needs to be done to keep things going in Broome County to have the county go in the right direction," says Korchak.

Korchak says he does not feel like he left the Republican party, but instead, that they left him when they decided to back Paul Battisti. He says the party line he's running on shouldn't matter because at the end of the day the position of District Attorney isn't about making laws, but instead upholding the existing laws.

"The District Attorney's position, even though we're running on party lines, shouldn't really be political," says Korchak, "The District Attorney's job is to follow the law as it's written, prosecute those that should be prosecuted, and get justice for victims, and that's what I've been doing for over 20 years, so that's what I'm hoping the voters will see."

In order to get on the ballot as a Libertarian candidate, Korchak says he needed to win the state party's support after an interviewing process, not collect a certain number of petition signatures as is the case with other parties.  All three candidates for Broome County District Attorney applied for the Libertarian party line according to Jim Rosenbeck, Chair of the Libertarian Party of New York State.

In November, Korchak will go up against Battisti and democrat Debra Gelson.

"I welcome Mr. Korchak back into the race, however, this does not change the fact that I am the most qualified candidate to be your next District Attorney," said Gelson in a statement on Wednesday.

Korchak's primary election opponent, Battisti, released the following statement in response to Korchak continuing his campaign.

"I'm running for District Attorney to fight the opioid epidemic, get tough on dangerous criminals and stand up for crime victims. I'll keep working to deliver this message to the voters to earn their votes on November 5th," says Battisti.