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LUMA Projection Arts Festival Bringing Out all the Stops

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LUMA co-founders Joshua Bernard and Tice Lerner had some new and exciting news about the festivals 5th anniversary coming up on September 6th and 7th.

The festival will be going a little bit longer starting at 8:30 PM now and running through midnight.

In previous years the festival featured 4 major projects that were illuminated across downtown buildings but with the backing of two new sponsors, IBM, and Tioga Downs Casino, the Festival will feature 6 major venues.

Bernard and Lerner are excited to bring the shows first ever arena show called "The Challenge" by Freckled Sky from Chicago. Freckled Sky blends projection with real performers to tell stories, and this will be the groups festival debut.

Freckled Sky is famous for their golden buzzer audition in 2015's America's Got Talent as well as producing pop star Pink! performance at the 39th BRIT Awards.

Bernard says that anyone looking to attend Freckled Sky they can buy tickets online at Ticketmaster.com for just $7.

Some LUMA favorites are also set to return including Max Intensity, and Light Harvest as well as Binghamton based artists Favorite Color.

Bernard says, "It takes 6 to 20 people working on each new project, they're like mini Hollywood movies".

The Festival is also a great opportunity for Binghamton's VisitBing campaign, as the festival last year drew over 30,000 people to downtown Binghamton for a festival of lights.

The US Institute of Theater Technology is even bringing their conference to Binghamton, closing out their conference Friday night and inviting people to check out the show.