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Upgrades Coming To Floyd L. Maines Veterans Memorial Arena

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 Binghamton, N.Y. - It was back in 1973 when the Floyd L Maines Veteran Memorial Arena came to Binghamton and the 46 year-old building is certainly showing its age. 

"It's time we do something with this venue t bring it up to a state of the art place with fans in mind" said Binghamton Devils Executive Vice President of Operations, Tom Mitchell. "We're excited. I have seen some of the ideas and they're spectacular. It's going to a three-phase process that is going to take a couple of years but I think the community really has something to look forward to here."

The building has seen its fair share of professional hockey, basketball tournaments, graduations, concerts, many more and is ready to receive major upgrades that will take years to complete.

It is a three-phase plan that is estimated to be around $36 million and could potentially surpass $40 million.The project is also estimated to take several years to complete and will mostly not start for at least a year.

The anticipated work includes:

  • Concession and food service.
  • Merchandising.
  • Sound system.
  • Scoreboard, ribbon boards, exterior marquee.
  • Additional seating options that includes premium seating and party decks.
  • Fan-experience enhancements
  • Parking demand and solutions in adjacent property.
  • Enhancements to the Veterans Memorial purpose of the facility.

From a hockey stand point, Mitchell expressed how important it is to utilize and not take advantage of the fact that this town has an arena.

"I just came back from the AHL board of governor's meeting" said Mitchell. I can't tell you how many cities are out there looking for franchises, looking for teams to move there that have buildings. We are so lucky to have this here already and the plans for this building are only going to enhance the opportunity for years to come."

"There are 31 franchises in the American Hockey League. "There will never be any more franchises until the NHL expands. One of those 31 is of course right here in Binghamton and has been here for a long time. It's a great community asset."