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Norwich Considers Sale Of City Hall

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An offer to buy City Hall in Norwich is being considered, according to Mayor Christine Carnrike. Carnrike says the offer of $130,000 for the old train station at One City Plaza was sent to the city attorney about three weeks ago.

Currently, only about two-thirds of the building are occupied by nine full time city employees. If the sale is approved, those workers will move to the third floor of the fire station on East Main Street, where the offices previously were in the 1990s.

Carnrike calls the potential sale and move of the offices a "win" for the city. She says the East Main space is more accessible (it has an elevator) and it would also be a good financial move.

"It would put a surplus property, if you will, back on the tax rolls, so that would be a win," says Carnrike, "So, it's an expense savings measure."

Carnrike says the city has received offers in the past, but many came with some strings attached like tax breaks. The mayor says as far as she can see, this offer is not like that. She adds that the potential buyer is a local business that has no plans to alter the exterior of the historical train station.

The city attorney is still looking over the offer. Carnrike says she expects it could go in front of the City Council in August.