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New Pharmacy Pill Dispenser for UHS Pharmacies

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UHS pharmacies now have an easier more convenient way to help patients pick up their prescription medications. 

A new Innovation PharmASSIST pill dispenser has been installed at two UHS pharmacies. 

The machine gets an order from a pharmacist, and then counts the medication, and alerts the pharmacist when it is ready. Then the pharmacist walks over to the specific pill slot and the machine deposits the exact amount of pills into a bottle for patients. 

The new machine holds 100 different pill slots for the most common prescription medications that patients purchase. The pharmacist run reports monthly to determine the most common medications prescribed and make sure the top 100 of those pills are in the machine. 

With the new technology, the pharmacist has more time to focus on the patient and answer questions that they may have about a medication they are receiving and can focus more on patient care. 

Meaghan Owen, Pharmacy Supervisor, says "If someone comes in and they have ten prescriptions all ten can be counting at the same time in the cabinet which frees pharmacist to provide counseling for a patient who comes in for a different set of prescriptions".

Owen also adds "The major benefit of these is the efficiency and the reduced multitasking. When we have the robots or the cabinets they are all [pharmacist] counting in the background and it is one less step that we have to complete ourselves so it really saves us with efficiency and it is much safer than doing manual counts".

UHS will be holding an open house to show off the new machine on Tuesday, July 16 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the first floor of the Summit Building.