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St. John's Prepares for Ukrainian Days

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Organizers are preparing for the 92nd annual Ukrainian Days festival Saturday, July 13th through Sunday, July 14th.

The two-day festival is filled with food, drinks, dancing, and music. 

Organizers prepare over 375 dozen of holubtsi and over 700 dozen pierogi for the event. 

The festival is put on by the St. Johns Ukrainian Orthodox Church and is held at their parish in Johnson City. 

With different Polka bands and choirs performing there is something going on for everyone.

This is a fundraiser that goes a long way to helping the parish with different other events throughout the year. This year the goal is to raise over $50,000.

This event brings hundreds of guest each year. 

When asked what brings people back, long-time volunteer Bob Onysko says, "It's the ethnic food you know. The Ukrainian holubtsi, the pierogi we have haluski. It's just the ethnic food is the big draw. The polka bands a lot of people like to dance we'll have them for I think four hours Saturday and Sunday. So it's nice". 

The weekend festivities start on Saturday at 12:00 noon.