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Beating the Heat and Staying Safe in the Southern Tier

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 Camille Vitanza, Lifeguard Supervisor for the Highland Park Pool, said "Everyone want's to cool off and have some fun..."

Kathleen Williams, from Endicott, said "Good it's cold when you first get in but it's better once you get in there..."

Hamaad Alsaid, another Pool goer, said "Beautiful day... Everything is good"

The Highland Park Pool in union was seeing high numbers of people pass through over the last few days as the days got hotter.

Vitanza described how busy they have been "It's very busy being almost 90 degrees... We see so many people come through the doors... Almost reaching 100 people on a busy day..."

But many are worried about staying safe in the heat as well.

One of the biggest worries is sun burn, but most of the families at the pool came prepared.

Williams also said "I have plenty of sun tan lotion because we are both white and we both burn really bad..."

Ten year old Caroline added "It feels like a hundred degrees... I have to swim all day or else I'm going to be burning..."

However, life guards are keeping an eye out for more severe ailments when the weather get's this hot.

Heat exhaustion, dehydration, and heat stroke can all happen fast, even if your swimming all day.

Vitanza described what you should do in that situation "Heat stroke heat exhaustion is a big concern and worry for a hot day like this so we are always on the look out... And when that happens... Get in the shade as quickly as possible and hydrate..."

But the most important tip is to have fun.

Alsaid added "It's beautiful... Everyone comes out here to have fun... We're happy"