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Broome County Applies to be States 21st Bronze Climate Smart Community

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On Wednesday, Broome County announced that they had sent in an application to become New York State's 21st Bronze Certified Climate Smart Community.

The program helps local governments take action and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as help, bring change to the climate.

Some of the benefits Broome County will receive from joining the program include leadership recognition, free technical assistance and greater access to State funding for climate-related projects.

Broome County Executive Jason Garnar says, " We maintain 50 watersheds across the County and they fill up at a certain point and that's when you see flooding, this program can help us improve flood resiliency and upgrade Broome County infrastructure."

Some of the projects that the county plans on taking on with the help of Climate Smart Communities funding are:

- Upgrading HVAC at County facilities to more efficient systems.

- Installation of advanced monitoring at County flood control structures.

- Drainage improvements in Deposit to mitigate flooding in the Village.

Beth Lucas, Senior Planner for Broome County says she's "confident" with the application that Broome County has sent to the State to become Bronze Certified.

Lucas says, " The county has already been doing a whole list of projects and programs that count towards your certification, so what it came down to was collecting the relevant information related to that."