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CSL Plasma Holds Open House Ahead of Opening

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You may have noticed the building for CSL Plasma in Endwell over the last year, and this upcoming week they are finally opening.

An open house Tuesday night allowing possible plasma donors an opportunity to tour the facility, and explaining what makes donating plasma different from giving blood.

Richard Barber, Assistant Manager, said "All we are taking is your plasma... We actually return the red blood cells to the donors... And plasma is 90 percent water so almost everything we are taking out we're giving back... And that makes it healthy enough to donate twice a week..."

Anyone who is 18 or older and at least 110 pounds can donate. They can use any blood type, and unlike when you give blood, the plasma is used to create medications.

Barber also said "We use that plasma to create these medications... Medications for people with hemophilia... Medications for people that go into shock... People who have certain issues with pregnancy... Some of these medication can only be created with plasma... And that's what we use the plasma that people donate for..."

The average donation takes 45 minutes to an hour, and while usually the donor is given 25 to 40 dollars per donation depending on weight, first time donors are getting 50 dollars for their first 5 donations.

Barber said "We are going to be offering compensation so it's a win win for everybody... They can come in donate and help the community as well as make a little money for themselves..."