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Demolition Season Has Started with a Milestone for the Mayor's Office

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Binghamton's 2019 demolition program has started with a property on Amsbry Street.
Demolition crews tore down 4 Amsbry Street as they wore protective gear due to asbestos.

Eight buildings will be demolished including the 100th building demolish since Mayor David took office in 2014.

He is removing these properties to "Fight the blight" across the city of vacant and abandoned property.

This years round of demolitions will cost just over 164 thousand dollars, which is paid by community development grant funding.

Once the buildings are demolished, the vacant lots will be incorporated into the City’s side lot program for purchase by adjoining property owners or kept as permanent green space for flood hazard mitigation.

The full list of properties to be demolished is below:

26 Lyon St.
4 Amsbry St.
19 Franklin St.
56 Holland St.
4 Duke St.
41 Grand St.
86 Pine St.
13 Vine St.