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Regional Economic Development Council Hear Presentations for Downtown Revitalization Grant

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The Southern Tier Regional Economic Development Council at their public meeting this afternoon at Binghamton University.

The purpose of the meeting was to decide who will receive the Downtown Revitalization Grant.

The grant gives 10 million dollars to ten communities throughout the state. 100 million in total.

The finalists for the Southern Tier are Ithaca, Cornell, and Endicott.

While each of the pitches weren't open to the public, we spoke with the Village Manager of Endicott to find out what projects they would fund if they are awarded the grant.

Anthony Bates, Village Manager for the Village of Endicott "We have some projects both public and private sector in our application... Some of the projects we are looking at are a downtown ice rink... A sports complex in the area... And then some private sector projects... Here on campus that will allow for job creation and bring more people to the downtown area..."

The village plans to move forward with these projects whether they are awarded the grant or not, but the funds being available now would speed up progress.