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WWE Smackdown Makes its Way to Binghamton as Fans get a Chance to Meet the Stars

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People lined outside of the Floyd L. Maines Veterans Memorial Arena on Sunday for WWE Smackdown, from Charlotte Flair to Kofi Kingston, some of the biggest names in the sport had fans excited for some Wrestlemania.


R-Truth, WWE Superstar said, “Binghamton about to get a dose of the truth tonight”.

R-Truth is one of many wrestlers that had fans excited for Sunday's Smackdown matches.


Jason Lane, a WWE fan said, "I'm pumped, I cannot wait and this is going to be the best night of my life, when I was younger I had an Uncle Bob, and he would buy me wrestling action figures and they were some of the happiest memories I had as a kid”.

Fans like Lane waited outside of the Floyd L Maines Memorial Arena from as early as 9 o'clock this morning, for a chance to meet some of their favorite athletes.

One fan told Fox 40 “Seeing the big name guys here and them coming over signing autographs, being personable with the fans, you don't know what to expect and to see them here and to connect with the fans is cool”.

While it's exciting for the fans, it's just as important to the professionals.


R-Truth says, "I get a good vibe from that I get energy from that, it's appreciation there's people who have been out here all morning waiting to meet us, you'd be surprised how far a picture goes, that's one thing about my character is I was one of those kids once, they see us bigger than life so it's a small amount of humbleness for a meet and greet”.

Binghamton's a regular stop on the Smackdown tour, but Sunday's matches were the last chance for fans to see some high flying action in 2019.