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July Fest Wraps Up With Day Three

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The 57th annual July Fest wrapped up its three day celebration today, Sunday, July 7th in Downtown Binghamton, NY.

"It really breathes life into the community," said Stuart Fralick.

"People who don't really know what July Fest is...It's bringing people in from outside town and people who are visiting and give them a chance to see the local vendors, people who make their own stuff and just have a good time," said Angela Shenk.

Visitors took notice of the community's effort.

"There's a lot of variety, a lot of artists, vendors, and musicians," said Jacob Lee.

What was most popular at this year's event?

"The music, the bands," said Valerie Norris.

People come back every year because, "It's like a family tradition for us," said Shenk.

Others return for the relationships they have built at July Fest throughout the years.

"They like seeing the artists that they like, that they're used to. They like the music. They like visiting with friends that they've made, and a lot of people only see their friends once a year, so they come back. It's different every year even though it is sort of the same," said Joy McMicken.

This year drew in large crowds and featured dozens of vendors along Court and Washington Streets with the M&T Bank stage in the heart of it all.

The question is, was this year's festival enough to bring people back next year?

"I think I would, it just seems like a good community event, lots of stuff being sold, people coming out, and overall good time," said Jeremy Isabella.