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Local Farmers Take Part in Swap and Sale

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Local farmers, organizations, and rescue groups took to Tractor Supply Co. in Vestal on Saturday to take part in an animal swap and sale.

Around the United States the majority of transactions done are through cash and credit, but on Saturday local farmers were exchanging goods through a bartering system, as well as sales.

Some of the items being bartered on Saturday included rabbits, goats, chickens as well as supplies and animal products like goat cheese.

Community members like Susan Fairbanks were in attendance to give some of the animals that they have to many of, a loving home.

Fairbanks says, " I have thirty-seven rabbits at home and have at times had upwards of over one-hundred.

Fairbanks who runs Roaming Rex Rabbitry out of Vestal says she takes in unwanted rabbits that are sick and need to find a new home.

"Bring any animal that you have too much of or don't need anymore or don't want and other people bring animals that you can barter with," says, Fairbanks.

Farmers at today's swap and sale say events like these help raise awareness about local agriculture as well as help with the expense of taking care of these animals

Joan Griffin of Windsor says, " Coming to these events helps local farmers that aren't huge and don't have a lot of money, it costs money to take care of these animals".

"People are aware that they can support those of us who raise their own beef, land, goats, and things and can support locals," said Griffin.