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There's Nothing Sappy About Schweigart's Sugar Shack--Except the Maple

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Schweigart's Sugar Shack, a family business based out of Woodhull, NY, is selling their maple based products at Binghamton's July Fest.

"My father made maple syrup for fifty years; and he's passed down the addiction, you could say," said George Schweigart, owner of Schweigart's Sugar Shack.

In addition to the sugar shack, Schweigart and his wife Cathy also own a maple equipment company.

"We're the largest dealer in the Southern Tier of New York," said Schweigart.

They started with just three products and $5,000. In the last five years they've added 21 new products and increased profits by almost 5,000 percent.

"We've been very successful and I'm very grateful for that success, I really am. And I'm grateful to my family. And to our help," said Schweigart.

That success doesn't come without hard work.

"We travel as far as Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Delaware. We do some very big shows. We do multiple shows every weekend," said Schweigart.

People have taken notice of their efforts.

"When you have a good product, and people like it, and they keep coming back for more, and they come and they say we've been looking for you--That's happened like fifty times today--That's a motivator," said Schweigart.

The Schweigart's are happy to be back at July Fest again this year.

"Everything about it's cool, the music is cool, in the street is cool. There's a big variety of things to look at and see," said Schweigart.

Even with their growing popularity, the Schweigart's haven't sacrificed quality.

"All our products go through Cornell University every quarter for inspection, so we have a safe product," said Schweigart.

All products, expect the honey, are made with maple syrup from Schweigart's 9,000 taps. The most popular product is the maple barbecue sauce.

For more information: http://schweigarts.com/