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Town of Candor Celebrates 4th of July with Parade

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Over two hundred people lined Main Street today in the Town of Candor for 4th of July celebrations and for one family this tradition has ties that run back five generations.

Doris Letscher and her family have been coming to Candors 4th of July celebration for as long as she can remember.

Letscher says, " We moved here in 1966 and have been going ever since".

Since that time Doris's family has grown, and she's now even a great great great grandmother.

Celebrating over 50 years of Independence Day parades with a growing number of Letscher family members.

"I have 5 kids and 11 grandkids and too many great-grandchildren to count," says Letscher.

Dixie Sullivan, Letscher's daughter says, "Just spending time with the family, it's a good time, we get to see everyone".

It's not only the Letscher's who have made this annual event a family tradition.

"It brings a lot of people together, it has been here for years and everyone enjoys it, we have people going up and down the street that you know and went to school with and grew up with and it's great. Seeing people you don't see during the year this is the time you get to see them" says, Sullivan.

One thing you can guarantee is that the Letscher's will be back next year.