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Several High Schools Hold Graduation Around Binghamton

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High School seniors from all over the Southern Tier were passing a major mile stone today, as three separate schools held their graduation.

First up was Susquehanna Valley High School who graced the halls of the Broome County forum this morning.
103 students walked down the aisle to receive their high school diploma. Some going on to college, others jobs, but all have their sights set high.


Ryan Ewnno, Class of 2019 Salutatorian, said "For me it's a celebration... I've really enjoyed the past four years and I think we have a great class and I'm just happy to celebrate it... I think we've accomplished a lot..."

Meanwhile, down the street at the Floyd L. Maines Veterans Memorial Arena, Union-Endicott high school had over 270 students filling the arena floor.

Thoughts were on the future as every student has a different idea of what life looks like after graduation.

Steven A. DiStefano, Principal of Union Endicott High School, said "The students they are moving onto college and the military... Some onto the workforce, but everyone has a special home at union Endicott high school and we hope we have prepared them for the future but I know they've prepared themselves for the future..."

Finally, Vestal High School filled up the Binghamton University Events Center
278 Golden Bears walked through the home of the Bearcats, and turned their tassels while looking forward to what the future holds.

Clifford Kasson, Assistant Superintendent, said "This is a very high achieving class here at Vestal High School... And all of these students when they came in as 9th graders... They were looking forward to excelling academically... Socially and emotionally... And that's what's happened here... All these students are going to make a positive mark on the world beyond vestal high school"

Dr. Albert A. Penna, Interim Principal at Vestal High School, said "This is a wonderful class they've worked so hard for 4 years... We knew when they came in 2015 they were a great class and they haven't us... So disappointed today's a very special day for 278 wonderful golden bears... And we are really happy for them..."