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East Learning Center Celebrates Graduation As They Look to the Future

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High school graduation season has started and students are looking forward to the future.

As the 38 students at the BOCES East Learning Center receive diplomas, their thoughts are on the future.

Gabriel Mitchell Jr., one of the graduates, said "I wanna go to an engineering science program for SUNY Broome and I want to learn how to use cad to make engine parts..."

Tyler Johnson, another student, said "Find a place to live and get a job..."

And Broome Tioga BOCES is doing their best to get them there.

The Executive Principal, Charles Wheeler, stated"We do have students that are attending our career and technical education program... So some students will be heading into the work world... As well... Some students will be going into higher education... Either at SUNY Broome or a technical school... And some students will be heading directly into the work world on their own... It just depends on each student... Their all individuals so whatever they have planned next..."

The East Learning Center is an alternative learning center for students who need extra time or help.

Some may not have thought they'd get this far or took a less traditional path, but they do know they are looking forward to their next step.

Mitchell also said "Ever since I was young I had goals to go to college and be in an engineering program and every other school didn't let me go on... BOCES is the only school that allowed me to keep going... So it really set me on the right path you know?"

Principal Wheeler also said "Being able to see them finally meet a level of completion in their lives that they may not have thought they could have when they first came to our building..."