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The 6th Annual John Patrick Leet Memorial Golf Tournament Comes To A Close

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Endwell, N.Y. - The sixth annual John Patrick Leet Memorial Golf Tournament came to a close on Sunday after raising over 10,000 dollars to help raise money for two to three scholarships for SUNY Broome students as a part of the John P. Leet Memorial Scholarship Fund.

"It's awesome" said Joe Radulski. "It's for a good cause and Jake's a great guy. It means a lot that people come and support his cause and his charity. It was really, really fun. It was really special and a really good win, probably one of the best."

Over twenty-four teams participated in this year's captain and crew shotgun start styled tournament. However, only one team was crowned the winner. Joe Radulski and Bob Charno finished with a score of 68, crowning them the tournament's winners.

"My tee shot was not working for me" Radulski said. "But, I made a couple of puts out there which was better than yesterday. So, it was good. Bob made some puts and it was really fun."

Radulski, a friend of John Patrick Leet, traveled all the way from Texas to take part in the tournament. A tournament that's close to his heart.

"John Leet, Jake's son was really close to me. I grew up with him and it was fun to win Jake's tournament. It meant a lot. Jake's a really good guy and he'll give you his shirt off his back."