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Furry Faces: Kurt & Kris

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Meet this week's Furry Faces!

This week we have two brothers named Kurt and Kris. This feline pair and their sister came to Every Dog's Dream Rescue with injuries but they're all recovering just fine now. Kurt and Kris are doing great and are ready to go home with their forever family.

Kris is white with black spots and loves nothing more than to hang out with his brother and play with toys.

Kurt is white with grey spots and he loves to cuddle and be pampered.

These two cats have a very special bond, so if you want to adopt one, be prepared to take them both home. This adorable duo is currently waiting for their forever family at Every Dog's Dream Adoption Center located inside the Petco in Johnson City (420 Harry L. Drive).

If you're interested in making Kurt and Kris a part of your family, contact Every Dog's Dream Rescue at 607-798-1430 or visit their website at www.everydogsdream.org. You can also visit their Facebook Page here.