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Congressman Brindisi Launches Congressional App Challenge to 22nd District

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United States Congressman Anthony Brindisi of the 22nd District of New York is challenging students grades 6 through 12 to take part in the Congressional App Challenge(CAC).

Brindisi was joined by students at Vestal High School on Friday to announce the 22nd District's 1st ever App Challenge.

The challenge which first started in 2015 lets House of Representatives host a computer science or"app" competition for their district with the winner's app being hung on the walls of Congress for everyone to see.

Brindisi says, " The Southern Tier is no stranger in innovation and technology and powering our economy and I think this is a great place to launch this initiative for students to take part in across the congressional district". 

The goal of the CAC is to encourage students to use computer-based skills and some of the skills learned through their STEM classes as these skills are becoming more and more essential to economic growth throughout our country.

"In the meantime, this is helping them stay engaged in the learning process especially if they're interested in coding or computer sciences this a great challenge for them to take a part of," said Brindisi.

Students can enter the competition solely or as a team and are encouraged to register by September 15th with the application submission deadline being November 1st.