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Dirt Bike Crash Leaves 2 Seriously Injured

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One teen was airlifted and another taken by ambulance after being seriously injured in a dirt bike crash in Chenango Bridge Thursday evening.

Chenango Bridge Fire Chief Mike Norton says the crashed happened around 6:20 p.m. in a quarry off of Katelville Road near Prentice Road less than a mile away from the fire station.

Norton said crews had a difficult time getting to the scene due to its location.

"We had two locations to access it from which made it a little bit more difficult than normal to get down in there. It's either you go down the rocky roaded area or the sand and mud area," said Norton. 

The two boys were taken to Wilson Hospital. The status of their current conditions are unknown at this time. 

New York State Police are assisting the Broome County Sheriff's Office in the investigation into the crash.