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Crandall Street Transformed By First Ward Action Council

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Transformational renovations on Crandall Street were revealed during an open house on Thursday. First Ward Action Council renovated 11 homes on the street to make 40 affordable apartments. 

"I think they look great and we're proud of them, very proud of them," says Jerry Willard, Executive Director of the First Ward Action Council.

The project took about a year to complete and is funded with grants and private investments. 

"When I first moved on this street I was living in the apartment building on the end when they were doing all of this. I said, 'I'm gonna get one of those' and I got one," says Brett Williams.

Williams says his new apartment is "roomy" and has plenty of storage and is clean. Williams and other Crandall Street residents say the project not only makes the street look better, but has changed the overall feel of the neighborhood.

"It was a war zone. You just didn't want to be out here," says Williams, describing the street just a year ago, "It's changed completely. You see people walking through here now that would never even walk this block before they fixed it up."

On Thursday, finishing touches were being put on some of the houses, while potential tenants took a look inside.