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Students Travel the World at Recreation Park to Learn about Healthy Living

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Children and Youth Services Council of Broome County teamed up with the Liberty Partnerships Program at Binghamton University on Thursday to invite kids to travel the world as a part of this year's 'Stand For Children'.

The event was free and took place at Binghamton's Recreation Park on Thursday.

The Stand for Children (SFC) event displayed over 20 different countries from around world, while also showcasing five so-called "Blue Zones", or places where people are living to between the ages of 90-100.

Kids getting to visit different countries throughout the park with a passport and learning about some of the fun and healthy activities that go in those countries for example in Greece kids got the opportunity to plant flowers.

Amy Humphrey, chair of Children and Youth Services Council of Broome County says, "The Blue zones really look at places in the world where people forget to die, where people are really healthy and living to 100 and beyond and we have 5 regions where kids can explore, young people, come get a passport to visit the different areas and learn about different cultures traditions and ways to be healthier".

The areas where people are living to such great lengths have been researched by journalist Dan Buettner as a part of a partnership with National Geographic.

Over 75 high school students from different local schools like Union-Endicott and Binghamton High School helped run the booths teaching the younger generations some of the things that they have learned about the specific country that they created a hands-on learning experience for.