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No More Babies For April The Giraffe

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April th Giraffe pregnant again April th Giraffe pregnant again

April The Giraffe, the YouTube sensation, will not be having any more babies. Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch announced that April is "retiring" from the propagation program. Patch says this is a decision he and the park's veterinarian came to after April gave birth to Azizi in March. 

Patch says April will, of course, continue living at the Harpursville park and be used for educational purposes. He adds that there's a reason to celebrate as the famous giraffe has "produced some beautiful and healthy calves in her lifetime." That includes Azizi and Tajiri, both born at Animal Adventure Park.

This decision means there need to be some changes in living arrangements for the giraffes at Animal Adventure. April and Azizi will be moved into a second giraffe barn, away from her mate Oliver, to start her contraceptives.

April's other calf Tajiri currently lives in "barn 2" with the park's newest female giraffe Johari. Patch explains in a Facebook video that Oliver will not be alone and Johari will be moved to "barn 1" to keep him company while April lives in "barn 2" with her two sons.

Patch says the second giraffe barn, which was built last fall, is equipped with tools his staff will be able to use to take care of April as she ages. 

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