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Cyber Cafe West Closing Its Doors

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After 22 years in business, a beloved cafe in Binghamton is saying good bye. 

Located on 176 Main Street, Cyber Cafe West will be closing its doors at the end of the month. 

Owner Jeff Kahn made the announcement on the cafe's Facebook page on Wednesday, saying "After 22 years and 5000 shows, Cyber Cafe West will be closing forever."

"I posted on Facebook and it was some like 20 thousand people, it went viral and there's so many nice comments there and it feels like I'm reading my own obituary," said Kahn.

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The cafe served as a restaurant and music venue. Kahn said what he'll miss most is the people and the memories. 

"This whole place has started as trying to be community type thing and have music. In that way it was successful. I mean there's thousands of people, people met their significant others, that whole other part was a success, the music, 5000 shows, great performers," said Kahn. 

"The part which was never my main goal, which gets me in the end, is math, the money, making money at this and partly my own not caring about it enough," explained Kahn about why the cafe is closing.

"Math will get you in the end eventually," added Kahn. 

The cafe's final day will be June 28th. Kahn says the cafe will be open every day until then. 

"The people's attitude towards music has changed somewhat. I go back to when I was young a long time ago and seeing original music and that kind of thing was a sport. It was something you did. That was the most important thing. And I'm not sure that is as important. Maybe to some but not enough to keep something like this going," said Kahn.

Kahn said he does not know what will be replacing the cafe.