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KIRKWOOD MANHUNT UPDATE: 25-Year-Old Florida Man Charged With Four Felonies

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State Police are releasing more information following Tuesday's 7-hour manhunt in the town of Kirkwood.

Police have charged 25-year-old John S. Mehne of Sarasota, Florida and Ithaca, New York with four felonies.

The felonies are burglary in the 1st degree after Mehne entered a home, robbery in the 1st degree after the suspect stole an ATV from a Duell Road home, aggravated cruelty to animals for attacking and killing a household pet as well as a chicken from a Springer Road resident and criminal possession of stolen property after the man crashed an Audi A5 that was reported stolen in Sarasota, Florida.

Police say that they have not gotten a statement from the suspect as he's requested his lawyer but that they anticipate more charges will be brought up.

The suspect has been taken into custody, and was arraigned Wednesday morning and remanded without bail.

New York State Police Captain Scott Heggelke says Mehne spoke to a business owner and he mentioned trying to get to Ithaca.

At 9:45 am on Tuesday morning State police received a 911 call of a reported accident on I-81 near milepost marker 3. 

Heggelke says, "When troopers arrived they found a disabled car facing the opposite direction".


Heggelke says, "Mehne got out of his car and while traffic slowed down he tried fleeing the area by jumping on the back of a van heading northbound but the driver sped up a bit and the suspect fell off the van. The suspect then jumped into the back of a pick-up truck and was in the back of the pick-up truck for about a mile and a half before the driver abruptly stopped and the suspect jumped out taking off on foot."

State police were assisted by local law enforcement including the Broome County Sheriff's Department, K9 officers, the Aviation team and Johnson City and Binghamton Police.

When asked if the K9 unit was instrumental in finding Mehne, Heggelke responded with just one word, "Absolutely".


Police are still looking for Mehne's missing clothing, and are asking if anyone finds anything that seems out of the ordinary to call them at 607-775-1241.