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Oak Tree Students Honored at Annual End of Year Awards

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Students in the Oak Tree program at Broome-Tioga BOCES were recognized for their accomplishments throughout the school year. Some of the award categories included academic, social, speech, extracurricular, athletic and more. 

"Seeing that growth from when they first come into the program to when they leave the program that's what's the most rewarding," said Oak Tree Principal Ilene Monico. "Celebrating the small accomplishments on the way is what gets us to larger accomplishments."

The first ceremony honored the younger classes and second honored older students, including graduating seniors.

One of those seniors is Zachary Finney, a student in Mr. Campbell's class. He is a talented singer and dancer, who has been in show choir, chorus, and participates in the talent show.

"I love to sing, and singing is my special talent," said Finney. "Singing makes me happy."

Finney was selected to sing the National Anthem at his graduation by his music teacher Dana Gleason. 

"Where other students are afraid of the microphone, he adores it," said Gleason, a Board Certified Music Therapist at BOCES. "He is a really exceptional student with special talents."