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Binghamton Architecture Company Moves Into New Space

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IBI Group, an architecture, engineering, and technology firm, has moved into a new space at 59-61 Court Street in Binghamton. The company formerly operated its Binghamton office on Chenango Street. 

"Since our inception, our office has been in downtown," says Dan Whalen, Associate Director with IBI Group, "We had to actually temporarily move to Endicott while we were renovating this space, but we always felt like Binghamton was our home."

The company says the new location will provide an open floor plan and a more collaborative work space.

"It's a huge change for us, it's a different physical environment. The floor is much more open, open for collaboration, we're not as closed as we were in the other offices.," says Whalen.

IBI has over 2,000 employees around the world, with 30 based in Binghamton. The Binghamton office specializes in educational, healthcare, industrial, and high-rise structures.

The company has operated in Binghamton for more than 40 years.