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Program Aims To Keep Young People Living And Working In Broome County

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A program launched by the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce is aiming to keep young people in the area after graduation. Bing Connect shows college-level summer interns local attractions and provides networking and career development events.

The goal is to help these soon-to-be job hunters build a connection here in Broome County that could make them more likely to want to live and work in the community.

"The best way is to engage them early and help them. That not only builds your community, but builds leadership. So, as you invest in the people from the very beginning, they become our leaders that are leading our community tomorrow," says Chamber President Jennifer Conway.


Conway says they have more than 30 local employers and internship providers signed up for the program and over 100 interns participating. She says while it's important to work on recruiting from out of the area, it's equally as important to work on retaining potential workers who are already here. 

"I think with Bing Connect, it's a lot more of a resource for college students in the area and possibly dragging them out from an hour, two hours away to kind of attract and retain talent from all around the area," says Matt Rose, who is working in a summer internship at the Chamber of Commerce.

The program has events scheduled from June 21st to July 30th, including a downtown Binghamton scavenger hunt and a panel of young professionals already in the local workforce. Rose says events like that are valuable to him and his peers because it provides an opportunity to ask questions and find out more about what they'll face in the workforce after graduation.