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Tioga County Launches Project STEAM 21

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Tioga County launches a new workforce development program to give opportunities to students in the Owego Apalachin School District.

Corey Green, Superintendent of Owego Apalachin Schools says, “It's about giving kids authentic opportunities in the workforce so they understand what's here right in their own community, what jobs are here, what the future looks like, a lot of them do want to stay here but they need to get educated they need to go out and get real experience and also understand what the future jobs may be”.

The mission of Project STEAM 21 is to build more partnerships like Lockheed Martin's and the Owego School District.

Owego student Jasper Corson is enrolled in the co-op program where he is already getting training for the job of his future.

Corson says, "My co-op I love it really its just a great opportunity to get a job right out of high school it's an opportunity you can't get at a different high school. I think it's way better than paying off student loans for a while, instead, you get right out of high school and start working”.

Owego has similar partnerships with 13 other businesses and organizations in the county.

“I think we understand the workforce is changing in terms of automation, artificial intelligence and robotics so preparing our future for these future jobs look like we're preparing for a community that we may not even know what it exactly looks like right now”, says, Green.

With the goals of the Community Alliance being community growth and workforce needs.

“It's having that foresight and understanding and coming back to the collective impact working on the same and together for what's best for the community” says, Green.