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Owego School Board Meeting to Discuss Failed Budget

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Owego residents gathered in the school's district office Thursday night.

This following a Tuesday work session to discuss the school's budget which failed the school districts vote.

Many residents still upset with the condition of the school budget and voiced their concerns at the meeting. One resident said, "You're playing gamboling with these kids education."

The board voted unanimously to pass a proposal to lower the tax levy from 3.83% to 2.83%, which is an approximate $173,000 cut. 

"There is a lot at stake," says Owego Superintendent of Schools Corey Green, "Dropping one percent and understanding and listening to the voice in the community and that's still roughly a 173 thousand dollar reduction to an already pretty tight budget."

The next step will be for Green and his Assistant Superintendent will be to look at the budget and find areas that they can cut down on certain spending.

The next vote will be June 18th, with another public meeting set for June 11th.