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A Business Grown Out of a Binghamton University Dorm Room Finds Success in Local Competition

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A business born out of Binghamton University dorm room was announced the first place winners of this years Binghamton Business Plan Competition.

Infiniti Greens, grows micro-greens, which they then sell at farmers markets and to local restaurants like Dos Rios Cantina and Social on State.

Joseph Rigoroso, CEO and founder of Infiniti Greens says, "At first we were really shaky going in doing sales but now its second nature, we go in give samples, work them a little bit and build up our clientele,  now we have 10 restaurants a week buying from us".

The $5,000 prize is going towards doubling production says, Rigoroso.

Currently Infiniti Greens has 6 racks of micro-greens and are looking to bring that up to 12 as well as looking to expand their brand and branch out to more local businesses.

Rigoroso says, he first started growing the greens as a way to eat healthier, but after taking an entrepreneur course at Binghamton University he realizes that no one else was doing so in the area and that he'd seen success in with it in other parts of the country.

Rigoroso says, " I fell in love with Binghamton, it's a great place to grow my business, I grew up in Long Island but I have no intentions of going back".