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District Attorney Candidates Address SUNY Broome Students

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All 3 candidates for District Attorney were at SUNY Broome this evening to talk about the policies that affect the race.

Democratic candidate Debra Gelson and Republican candidates Paul Battisti and Michael Korchak were answering questions from criminal justice  students and professors to show why they should be the new District Attorney.

Micheal Korchak, the current Chief Assistant District Attorney and Candidate for District Attorney, said "A DA can't owe political favors to people... A DA can't make any promises to people... That's why it's so difficult to be the District Attorney because you have to enforce the law and your bound by a code of ethics to do that...I've done it for 21 years and I will continue to do it as District Attorney..."

Questions were all based on different policies from having a working relationship with law enforcement, to diversion funds, and specialty courts.

Debra Gelson, the Democratic Candidate, said "I believe in criminal justice reform... I believe it can be properly implemented... I believe we can all work together... I believe that we can collaborate... I believe that we can do wonderful things for this community for our young people for our future... We need a district attorney who can bring excellence in all of those area and that is what I intend to do..."

June 25th is the upcoming primary, so there were many in  attendance who weren't students to hear comments from Korchak and Battisti before they go head to head, and find out who will be running against Gelson.

Battisti said "Broome County has seen an increase in violent crime... Broome county has seen less felony trials than it's seen in a long time... It's currently not working... If it was working I would not be here... The only way that I can help change is to step up and put my best foot forward... There is  lot of change that is going to have to be implemented very soon here in Broome County"