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Talking With Winners at the 55th Annual Chamber of Commerce Dinner

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The Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce held their 55th Annual Dinner this evening to honor business owners from around the area.

For the last 55 years the Annual Dinner has been away to point out exceptional businesses around the region. The awards are the equivalent of a stamp of approval by the board for what the business owners.

Peter Newman, Chairman of the Board, said "It's really public recognition... I don't know if it's going to expand anyone's business... For being a recipient of this award... But it's certainly a prestigious award... To be recognized by the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce... We drive business in this community as a member driven organization and to be recognized by the chamber is a big deal... "

One of those awards is Small Business Person of the Year.

The award went to Joe Hashey the President of Synergy Athletics.

The award is usually based off growth of a business, and synergy started from small beginnings in 2008.

Hashey said "We started off in my garage and we started to meet people where they are at and lead them towards healthier lives... It's been a crazy journey... We first expanded over to an Endwell locations we added staff and met awesome  people along the way... And we are just excited to be in this position to help others..."

Another of the awards is Civic Leader of the Year which went Ty Muse, the President and CEO of Visions Credit Union.

He says being a civic leader means to be a force in the community, and Visions Credit Union does put there name and resources on many events to be that force.

Muse said"It starts by being one of our pillars... We believe that being a great corporate citizen is really the foundation of helping this be a great community and that is just critical... It starts right there... So if we put our name behind it... We put our money behind it... We put our talent and resources behind it... It has a greater likelihood of being   successful and that's what we want to do... We want to see all things thrive in this community..."