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Binghamton 5th Grade Students Honored By Rotary Club

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The Binghamton Rotary Club honored a group of possible future rotarians on Tuesday. Seven 5th grade students, one from each of the Binghamton elementary schools, were presented with awards for outstanding qualities including kindness to their peers, respect for their teachers, leadership skills, academic achievement, and being hard working. 

"I want to make my parents proud and that's how I do it. Making sure my schoolwork is done, making sure I'm always respectful, just making sure I'm doing my best," says 11-year-old Olivia Kennedy Richardson from Woodrow Wilson Elementary. 

Every year the Binghamton Rotary hosts the awards ceremony to encourage young people to continue working hard to create a stronger community.

The 7 honorees are listed below:

  • Illeana Borgos
  • Zainab Chattha
  • Noah Kresin
  • Imogen Kurtis
  • Jineya Lowry
  • Olivia Kennedy Richarsdson
  • Jordyn Russell