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Infant Safe Sleep Month: Statewide Campaign Reminds Parents Of Best Practices

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The month of May has been designated as Infant Safe Sleep Month in the state of New York and local organizations are spreading the word to get caregivers following best practices when putting babies down to sleep.

Mothers & Babies Parinatal Network says while the numbers of parents following safety instructions are looking better than in past years, there are still many caregivers who don't follow the recommended guidelines. Professionals say you can remember the steps by thinking of ABCs.

A) Baby should be sleeping alone. With no one else, no stuffed animals, pillows, or blankets.

B) Lay your baby on its back. Not on it's stomach or side.

C) Baby should be in a crib.

Mothers & Babies says many parents they follow up with may be following most of these steps, but still use a blanket for their infant, something that can cause a lot of safety concerns in the crib.

"We have sleep sacks now, so when moms and dads are worried the baby is going to be cold, the sleep sack really replaces that blanket," says Sharon Chesna, Executive Director of Mothers & Babies.

Chesna says blankets and stuffed animals shouldn't be in the crib until the baby is crawling on its own and overall more mobile. She says this differs for every child, but that around 8 months parents might be seeing the signs that their baby is more physically mobile and can make the decision to place things back in the crib.