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Stop For School Buses Act Will Help Prevent more Deaths by Illegally Passing Cars

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A video that has been going viral from the Norwich City School District has been going viral, and is getting the public's attention of an issue on the national level.

We talked with congressman Anthony Brindisi in Chenango Valley School District on how the video of a bus driver saving a students life is now helping a push for national legislature.

This video released by the Norwich City School District last week shows a driver illegal passing a school bus on the shoulder, and the bus drivers fast action.

Brindisi said "With her training... The first thing she does is she looks in  her mirrors and she is aware of her surroundings... And when she saw the car coming up... Speeding on the right side she immediately grabbed the student and prevented what I thought would be a real tragedy..."

An issue that is seen on a daily basis, drivers ignoring the stop lights of school buses and  illegally passing, is now being fought on a national scale, with the Stop for School Buses Act.

Brindisi continued "But I also thought it was timely because the national school transportation association just the week before were down in Washington and they were lobbying members of congress about this bill"

Nine to fifteen children are killed each year by drivers passing stopped buses. This new bill will start with education to show the public the dangers of illegally passing.

But will also see what works in terms of technology. The issue is hard to prosecute on because drivers are unable to catch the license plate numbers, and this bill will be able to change that.

Benjamin Harting, a Lieutenant with Broome County Sheriff's Department, said "It will create a study that is going to have best practices which may bring about the availability of cameras or funding to put cameras on the buses to capture the outside and a long with that is prosecution of passing stopped school buses with the implementation of cameras... There is a lot that goes into that so I am sure that this funding will support a lot of that information"
The bill has already been introduced to the House of Representatives, but has a few steps left to go before being approved, which they are looking to do by the end of the year.

Brindisi concluded "As funding from the federal level goes down to the state... I would certainly advocate for places like New York  and school districts like Chenango Valley which have prioritized this important issue and are trying to do the right thing... Sometimes with very limited resources... This is an area where I think the federal government can play a real role in being a partner to our local school districts..."