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DECKER MANSION: Residents Asked To Share Ideas For Redevelopment With City of Binghamton

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After a proposal to turn the Decker Mansion into student housing was withdrawn, City of Binghamton officials are working to revitalize the historic building, while also protecting its integrity. 

Three months after a proposal to break the mansion up into housing units met opposition from residents and city officials, a large "For Sale" sign sits on the lawn of the iconic yellow mansion across from Roberson Museum. That proposal was withdrawn shortly after a public planning meeting.

Now, City Councilwoman Dani Cronce says she's planning a second meeting about the property, this time to hear the community's ideas about what they want to see put in the building. Those ideas will be used to attract developers to the property.

“So, what I’ll do is I’ll take the notes that we have from the public forum and put them all down into proposals and then take those out to different developers and post it publicly where developers might see it," says Cronce.

A date for the public meeting has yet to be set, but Fox 40 will bring updates as soon as the time and place is settled.

The glass ceiling on the second floor of the Decker Mansion in an image taken by Broome County Historian Roger Luther.

Cronce says it is a challenge to find someone who isn't scared by the $850,000 listing price and has an idea that wouldn't compromise the integrity of the over 100 year old structure.