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Hundreds Get Down and Dirty in 2019 Mud Gauntlet

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It was mud and sweat on Saturday morning on Dunham Hill Road in Binghamton.

Hundreds showed up to participate in the NEWBSANITY Mud Gauntlet, an annual 5K challenging obstacle course that spreads across 40 acres of natural terrain.

The course is built with options for different difficulty levels, so advanced runners can run alongside new participants. The paths are known as the Risk and Reward path and the Tried and True path.

Jarrett Newby, co owner of Newbsanity, said “We’ve got everybody from elite athletes to first time participants getting back into fitness but we have ability levels for everybody to try out the obstacles.”

Typically the event gets two hundred to three hundred participants who are there because they want something a little more special than just a 5K.

Newby said “I think they’re looking for a challenge. I think people want to do something that’s not your average 5K. They want to be able to show up at work on Monday morning and say ‘Hey, I did this thing’ and people actually want to hear about it.

Proceeds from the Mud Gauntlet benefit the Southern Tier AIDS Program.