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Every Day Is Mother's Day In Binghamton 5th Grade Classroom

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Walking into Room 309 in Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School, everything looks as it should. There's a white board, a globe on the desk, all the ordinary objects in a 5th grade classroom, but there's something extra ordinary about the bond between the teacher and her helper. Casee Guasconi's mom, Marlee Bryant, comes in every morning to help out her daughter's class. 

I'm the most blessed mother... I am. The most blessed mother to be able to do this.

— Marlee Bryant

Guasconi has been teaching for five years. When she was assigned to Theodore Roosevelt Elementary, the same building her mom retired from seven years ago, that's when the partnership began. 

Bryant taught for 40 years in the Binghamton City School District. She says she wasn't ready to retire, but health issues forced her hand. When she had the chance to come back and be involved and spend the time with her daughter, it was the perfect situation.

"I think that I've learned more from my mom teaching in my classroom with me then I've learned in any of my secular education," says Guasconi.

Guasconi says she got her love for teaching from her mom, who inspired her to pursue the career. For mom, it's surreal to see her daughter commanding a classroom and passing down the love for learning to another generation of students.

"It brings such joy to me and such pride. And I am in awe. In awe when I watch her," says Bryant.

Above all else, every day is an opportunity to spend time together, doing what they're passionate about. 

"I get a little weepy thinking about it. It's been an amazing experience and I know not everyone gets to do that and I'm so lucky that I do," says Guasconi.

Neither one is taking this time together for granted. Bryant says it's anything a mother could ask for, to be such a big part of their child's life. Mother's Day may be Sunday, but for these two, every day is Mother's Day in Room 309.