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Local Heroes Recognized by the American Red Cross for Their Service to their Communities

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A hero is defined as somebody that a person who others admire or idealize for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities and on Thursday the American Red Cross Southern Tier Chapter added 18 names to that list at their 10th annual Real Heroes Breakfast.

Those recognized on Thursday are just ordinary people that did extraordinary things for members of their community.

Colleen McCabe, Executive Director of Red Crosses's Southern Tier Chapter says, "They are saving strangers lives on the street and helping that individual to continue with their life and fulfill to live another day”.

But, many of those honored on Thursday didn't see themselves as heroes, just ordinary people that were doing "what anyone else would".

“I'd of never defined myself a hero I'm an ordinary person living my life like anyone else and maybe, in essence, I do meet that requirement,a hero is someone who will step up who will make themselves part of a situation to help”, said Chuck Brockner, this years Good Samaritan Adult award winner.

Brockner, who had gotten out of work early one day knew something was wrong after hearing a loud bang, Chuck would go out to the injured driver and help pull him out of his burning vehicle, risking his own life to save another.

Meghan McVey, this years Education Award winner says, "It feels undeserved to me I feel like I was doing what anybody would do, I'm trying to settle in and be appreciative of such a tremendous honor".

McVey a teacher at R.C Buckley Elementary School in Lansing noticed one of her students was especially energetic one morning, shoving an entire cinnamon bun in his mouth before running off, McVey's instincts told her to follow the boy, he began choking and she performed the Heimlich maneuver on the boy helping clear his airways and catch his breathe.

Angel Gonzalez and John Roys who both work at Auchinachie Plumbing & Heating were awarded this years Lifeline Award saying, "He needed help quick and if we didn't react quickly he wasn't going to get the help he needed, "I did something that I'd hope someone would do for me if I got in that situation and you get recognized to do that, it means a lot”.

Gonzalez and Roys were on an installation when the homeowner became lightheaded and passed out, Gonzalez catching the man and Roys calling 9-11 and monitoring his breathing until EMS arrived on the scene.

Below is a list of the other 14 Heroes recognized on Thursday 

  • Rusty Crispell, Taylor Crispell, Andrew Dean- Good Neighbor Award
  • Investigator Steve Noyes and Trooper Nicholas A. Jones- Law Enforcement Award
  • Jon Lee- Workplace Safety Award
  • Trooper Timothy S. Conklin- Animal Rescue Award
  • Trinity Howe- Good Samaritan Youth Award
  • Trooper Timothy J. Conklin- Military Award
  • Mike Blachek- Blood Donor Award
  • Tracy Blazicek, Nicholas Platt, Jerry Russell- Fire Rescue Award
  • Amber Armstrong- Medical Award

Fox 40's Bri Supardi was this years Master of Ceremonies, as well as Fox40, being the sponsor for this years Animal Rescue Award.