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Philanthropy Students at Binghamton University Award Local Organizations Over $15,000

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Students in Binghamton Universities Philanthropy Incubator Program announced the winners of over $15,000 in grants on Thursday.

Since its beginning in 2009 undergraduate and graduate students have handed out over $150,000 to non profit organizations in Broome County.

84 local non profit organizations applied this year for the grants and the students discussed, debated and eventually created a list of criteria to help narrow the list down to five.

Undergraduate students choose to split $10,000 dollars between two local organizations, $7,500 to Truth Pharm to help provide support for a therapeutic harm reduction support group to help those struggling with opioid addictions and $2,500 to the American Civic Association to help continue assisting immigrants in the United States that have chosen to make Broome County their home.

Graduate students who raised $5,500 dollars through their annual fund raising event "Party with a Purpose", awarded their grant to Volunteers Improving Neighborhood Environments to help them continue to develop a sustainable and fair community food system.

Matthew Sturm, a sophomore students at Binghamton University said, "it's empowering when students think that they don't have a voice, to say we want to take control of a situation and put it in our hands and make sure those hands are outreaching to organizations that we want to help, that we are passionate about and care about and that's a truly powerful message".