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The Wizard & The Dragon: Xscapes Newest Escape Room

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The Southern Tier Independence Center and Xscapes unveiled their newest creation on Wednesday, the opening of their 4th escape room "The Dragon & The Wizard".

The 90-minute mental and physical adventure brings teams of 4-8 people together to solve riddles and puzzles using clues and hints to complete objectives.

Todd Fedyshyn, one of the builders of the escape room says, “An escape room is an adventure filled space, where your team is given clues to solve puzzles that are objective driven or sometimes even escape driven, where people are locked in to achieve some kind of goal”.

 We're seeing throughout the industry team building efforts will come into an escape room with the HR in the control room and evaluate how the staff is doing and what they can do from a corporate or HR aspect to encourage better communication skills or team building it’s an opportunity to get out and have some fun as well” says, Fedyshyn.

William Bartlow Development Director, says this escape room has been a brainchild of his dating back to the 70's when he lived in Iceland, where he says the locals truly believed in mystical creatures like elves and huldufólk.

To successfully complete the newest room, escapees must find 5 of the "dragons" stolen eggs through help from clues and riddles from elves and a wizard.

Xscapes newest experience is launching Wednesday with admission proceeds benefiting the Southern Tier Independence Center.