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JC Elks And Rotary Gift Around 200 Dictionaries To 3rd Grade Students

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Johnson City 3rd grade students were given their own dictionaries as part of the 15-year-old tradition of Dictionary Day. Members of the Johnson City Elks and Rotary Clubs handed nearly 200 students dictionaries on Wednesday morning. The clubs say the project promotes literacy and gets students excited about learning.

"It's hard to describe to people what it's like to look into a 3rd grader's face when you hand them a dictionary and see the excitement on their face over something that you would think would be inconsequential to them, they really see it as something that enhances them and the more we can do this the better everyone's gonna be," says Rocky Martinez, JC Rotary President, "This is our future. These kids are the future, so, let's make it the best we can."

"I know with electronics everybody always says why do you want to do that, but the ability to research. They learn how to research, there's tables in there, there's weather in there and they're so excited to get them," says Alicia Beck from the Johnson City Elks. 

This is the first Dictionary Day since the passing of longtime Rotarian Ron Heebner. Heebner was a driving force behind the initiative, personally handing more than 1,000 books to students through the years.