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Local Woman Creates Event for Kids Who Have Lost Parents to Alcohol Drugs Or Abuse

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A local woman is coordinating an event to make a positive impact on children who  lose a  parent to drugs, alcohol, or  abuse.

The Harmony Memorial Event will be at Recreation Park on June 29th.

It will have music and games, focusing around the theme of life sized board games.

It will also have a memorial tree where the kids can bring pictures of those parents they have lost. 

The event coordinators motto is "We are our own musical note and together we play a beautiful harmony."

Heather Micha, the event's coordinator, said "I feel like I am personally fighting for these children because I was that child... That suffered trauma and abuse from the addiction from my parents... And it's really a strong burden on my heart and I feel like we need to come and show love to them and encouragement and education... And whatever area you are involved in together we build beautiful harmony"

The Harmony Memorial Event is looking for sponsors and support, because while this is the first time they are doing it, they plan to make it an annual event.